Best Movies For Best Friends

If you and your best friend are looking for a movie to watch here is a list of the best movies for best friends. These are all movies that are meant to be shared together with best friends. Together you will laugh, cry and in the end your friendship will become stronger after watching these classic best friend movies.

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Must-Watch Classic Children’s Movies

With the Christmas break around the corner, my six-year old will be hankering to watch TV (restricted to a few hours on weekends during the school term). Instead of going the cartoon route, I have lined up some classic movies for her to watch this time around – movies that I loved as a child and would love to revisit with my child. Here’s a few that I have picked out, you can check them out as well. These work for children above the age of five / six.

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The Notebook – A Love Story Movie Review

The Notebook is one of the most moving and emotionally successful romantic movies released in the last 20 years. It frequently appears as a top contender for most popular movie amongst women. It was directed by Nick Cassavetes and is based on the bestselling novel, of the same name, by Nicholas Sparks. It was produced on a surprisingly low budget of only $30 million.

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